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    2018-19 Focus Creative Schools

    Atherton ES, '15

    Attucks MS, '17

    Benbrook ES, ’15

    Codwell ES, ‘16

    DeAnda ES, ‘17

    Dogan ES, '18

    Eliot ES, ’15

    Field ES, '18

    Fleming MS, ’16

    Foster ES, ‘17

    Garcia ES, '17

    Garden Oaks PK-8, '18

    Hamilton MS, ‘15

    Harvard ES, '18

    Kennedy ES, '16

    Laurenzo ECC, '17

    Law ES , '17

    Lyons ES, '16

    R. Martinez ES, ’17

    Memorial ES, ‘15

    Mitchell ES, ‘15

    Moreno ES, '17

    Northline ES, '16

    Piney Point ES, '17

    Pleasantville ES, ’17

    Pugh ES, ‘16

    Reynolds ES, ‘17

    Scarborough ES, '15

    Secondary DAEP, '18

    Shadydale ES, '18

    Shearn ES, '18

    Stevens ES, ‘17

    Twain ES, '18

    Valley West ES, ’16

    Whittier ES, '15

    Arts Access in 2017

    In the 2017-2018 school year, Arts Access Initiative community leaders are worked with 44 schools in the Houston Independent School District. The initiative connected over to 27,000 students with creative learning experiences in and out of the classroom, increasing community partnerships by over 185%.

    Each of the Focus Creative Schools committed to the following:

    • Principal Leadership and Commitment, including a campus funding allocation

    • Strategic Arts Planning to support campus goals

    • Arts Liaison to coordinate and champion the arts at the school

    • Arts-based professional development for all teachers

    • Arts Partnerships with arts and cultural institutions

    With this commitment, Focus Creative Schools receive:

    • Campus-based needs assessment and consultation

    • Incentives to invest in sequential fine arts instruction for all students

    • Advocacy on the school and district’s behalf concerning arts education and access

    • Matching funds to support their selected program choices, including the following, in order of priority:

      • In-depth arts experiences such as residencies during the school day

      • In-school, one-time events such as live arts experiences and/or workshops

      • If desired, after-school arts programs